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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Trin is a self-confessed geek of 30 years, who enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, knitting to Buffy and Smallville, and various and sundry computer games. She graduated from UGA with a degree in Anthropology, which she put to splendid use in the world of Information Technology (read: phone monkey), before becoming a full-time mommy. Hopefully she will be returning to school soon to get her Masters degree in something completely unrelated. She is also considering becoming a birth doula, IBCLC, or a monitrice.

If you want to know more, we suggest reading her journal and then meditating on your findings. Really, it'll help.

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american indian culture, american sign language, anasazi, ancient egypt, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animal behavior, anthropology, archaeology, asl, atheism, attachment parenting, ayurvedic medicine, babywearing, bat biology, bats, being silly, bela fleck, biology, bisexuality, breastfeeding, carl orff, cats, childbirth, chiroptera, chronicles of george, cold process soap, coloring, cosleeping, crayons, d&d, darkwing duck, ddo, deaf culture, ded bob, desert ecology, desert wildlife, deverry, dian fossey, dido, doula, doulas, dungeons and dragons, ecology, egyptology, ethology, evolution, evolutionary theory, fantasy books, finding the perfect bra, frank cho, fruit bats, game of thrones, garbage, gentle birth, george rr martin, glycerine soap, gnifty gnomes, gorillas, griffin and sabine, hand milled soap, handcrafted soapmaker's guild, harry potter, herbal medicine, heroes, herpetology, hhgttg, hindu goddesses, homemade soap, horticulture, hot process soap, house of leaves, indian cooking, indian food, indian recipes, indigo girls, james, katharine kerr, kiwis, knitting, krod mandoon and the flaming sword of fire, la leche league, landscape architecture, lawn dogs, lesbian erotica, liberty meadows, lost, lynn flewelling, making soap, mammology, master ninja, megachiroptera, melt and pour, microchiroptera, muppets, music, musicals, mythago, native american culture, native american folklore, natural birth, natural parenting, nature, navajo culture, nelly furtado, nick bantock, orange tabbies, otherlands, paleoanthropology, paleontology, pirates, poetry, primates, primatology, psychology, queer as folk, reading, recipes, robert heinlein, roleplaying, rpg, ruthlessly mocking customers, sci-fi, science fiction, sherman alexie, snb, soapcrafting, soapmaking, spinning, stained glass coloring books, stephen king, steven brust, tad williams, taltos, tasteful nudity, tattoos, tea, tea snobbery, teas, the desert, the muppet show, the specials, tmbg, vampire bats, volunteering, water birth, zoology
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